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This website is your source for news and information on the Harvard Law School Class of 1977. Help keep track of your HLS classmates (and help other classmates keep track of you). Among the information about Harvard Law School and the Class of 1977 currently on this site news items from HLS '77 classmates, references to classmates in national or regional news reports, links to classmates' current biographies on the web, and a few useful links to Harvard Law School and other HLS related sites.

I have also included a few photos, both past and present. As somewhat of a pack rat, er, I mean "archivist", I have our Harvard Law School first year picture book, all three years' Harvard Law School yearbooks, and many pictures I took myself during our three years in Cambridge - so virtually everyone is at some risk as I load selected photos.

I'll be updating the web site as time permits. I welcome news, links or photos related to the Harvard Law School Class of 1977 (both classmates and professors) to add to what I have pulled together myself. I prefer to get any contributions electronically so I can cut and paste. Email me at

David K. Staub
Class Secretary